How To Choose The Right Landscape Rock

When starting any new landscaping project, knowing which one to use can be a hard decision.  Not only do you have to consider the look of it but also whether or not it will breed the right conditions for your plants, bushes, trees and surrounding vegetation.  With florida heat and daily rains being a breeding ground for weeds, knowing which ones to use can make all the difference.

For instance, rock beds are very popular in Marco Island simply because they are much easier to maintain than mulch, they look great for years and most importantly they make it much easier to keep weeds away allowing the landscape around your property to remain lush and vibrant.   Another popular trend is to create rock gardens.  You can easily beautify and enhance those areas that grass just won’t grow.

Using rocks in your landscape can really add diversity and interest to your landscape with all the variety of colors and textures you can get them in.  Here at Pelican Rock, we can carry an array of rocks such as: brookstone, crushshell, pebble, #57 stone to egg rock to name a few.

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